How are those New Year’s Resolutions going?

We're nearly halfway through 2018. WHAT. Yes. It's not ok. Time moves with indecent haste. I've been reflecting on the adulting resolutions I described at the end of last year, and thought I'd do a little check in for accountability's sake. Brass tacks, they're going ok. Honestly, overall this year is the best ever and … Continue reading How are those New Year’s Resolutions going?

Blended Holidays for Blended Families

Growing up, Christmas Day wasn't the most important day for me. My family did have a small artificial Christmas tree, a few decorations here and there and Christmas lights; but the majority of my memories on December 25th are calm, quiet and peaceful. I've only very recently learned that is not typical. Here's the thing. My mom was … Continue reading Blended Holidays for Blended Families